Boston & Maine RR Engine Crew - ca 1942 - Cover 2015 Railroad Calendar Picture

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Note: - Two things strike me about this photograph: the men could be related by blood, and the look of contentment is something I can relate to as a retired railroader. You worked hard, but the job was generally fun and exciting. These men may have regularly spent over 80 hours a week aboard a locomotive. Engineers operated steam locomotives, while enginemen operated everything else. The difference was that with steam, your skill made a great difference in fuel and water consumption and equipment abuse. This 2-10-2 was built in Schenectady in 1923 and sold to the Maine Central RR in 1944. The letters T-P means it was normally assigned to the Terminal and Portland Divisions on the B&M.

Year - 2015

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Title - Boston & Maine RR Engine Crew - ca 1942