East Northfield Engine House - ca. 1910 - Cover 2016 Railroad Calendar Picture

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Note: - Here we find a Central Vermont Standard 4-4-0 No.106 on the turntable at the East Northfield depot area where the CV and the B&M joined, about a third of a mile south of the Vermont - Massachusetts state line. This was once a busy switching area with long sidings and a small yard where freight would be interchanged from the north and headed to busy industrial southwestern New Hampshire. Operations must have changed dramatically when the B&M opened its own line on the east side of the Connecticut river to Brattleboro in 1919. The 55 foot wrought iron turntable was built by Hawkins in 1891. You can view this area today from the bridge over the single remaining track, on route 142 in West Northfield.

Year - 2016

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Title - East Northfield Engine House - ca. 1910