Montague 1965 MA Air Photo 337-65 43 (Montague, Wendell) Old Map

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Year - 1965

Original Size - 9x9

Print Sizes-
Small - 11x11
Medium - 16x16
Large - 24x24
X-Large - 36x36
Also available as a high resolution digital image file. Digital image files will be delivered via email shortly after your order is placed.

Comment - This image is made from a high quality 9”x9” air photograph contact print, part of a set of prints which cover most of Montague and surrounding area in 1965. The scale of the originals is 1"=1000'. Because the original negatives were so large, enlarged reprints can be made. Details will appear fuzzy because these are pictures made from an airplane. Note that each pic overlaps the next one. Each image has a number in the upper right hand corner that corresponds to a number on the index map.