Standard No.564 - Cover 2013 Railroad Calendar Picture

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Note: - Standard No.564 was built by Taunton for the Connecticut River RR in 1881 with 17 by 24 inch cylinders. It was scrapped by the B&M in 1903. This is B&M Train No.26 to New York City, scheduled to depart at 1 PM and arrive at 6:58 PM, as told in the March 1900 OFFICIAL GUIDE. Today’s Amtrak Vermonter passes just east of Greenfield around 1 PM and is due to arrive in The City at 6:41 PM, 17 minutes quicker after 112 years! The crew left to right: engineer, flagman, baggageman, fireman, conductor, all with the mandatory mustache.

Year - 2013

Original Size - 8.5x11

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Title - Standard No.564