Little John Leads Reefers on Farley Hill - ca. 1940 - Cover 2018 Railroad Calendar Picture

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Note: - The B&M had school children choose names for new steam locomotives in the 1930’s. The reefers on the headpin are likely carrying produce from the West Coast, or fresh meat from Iowa or Illinois. The overly-regulated railroads carried most perishables until the 1960’s, when the heavily subsidized trucking industry took away the business on the interstate highway system. Note the rail braces in front of the train. Farley Hill in Wendell was short, about 2 miles, but as steep as other eastbound grades. Photo by Jack Pontin, the notorious B&A locomotive engineer, who operated The Rail Photo Service (see RAILROAD HISTORY No.175).

Year - 2018

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Title - Little John Leads Reefers on Farley Hill - ca. 1940